Car vs Shipping container

So in the match of a car versus shipping container, who will win?  If you had placed your bet on the shipping container, you are right! At two and a half tonne, this empty shipping container completely annihilated the back end of this vehicle, causing no end of grief for it’s owners.

This stroke of bad luck happened in Seilebost in the Scottish Islands.  This shipping container, presumed to be empty, was picked up by gale force winds and was thrown into the back of this car.

Bill Fraser, the owner of the property, said: “We woke up in the morning and I just opened the door and noticed the container wasn’t there.

“The container was sitting between two houses. The wind had broken one of the anchor straps and moved it about 20ft to the car.”

It was lucky that both of the straps holding the container down did not snap.  If this had happened, it is feared that the shipping container would have been destroyed the house. The winds were packing a punch of 113mph (approx 180 kmh).

image and source credits