Bumper Exports

It appears that the world is going crazy for Australian exports with a huge amount of our produce in demand globally.

Here’s a quick wrap up of what’s hot from Australia:

  1. Wool 

Chinese wool merchants are excited for Victoria’s local merino wool.  The powerful China Wool Industrial Association (CWIA) met outside China in twenty years at the historical Lal Lal Estate. According to the Victorian government, Australia has a $3bn export wool industry, with 80% exported to China for manufacturing and local use.  The Lal Lal Estate is owned by Mr Qingnan Wen, president of Tianyu Wool in China, and runs about 12,000 merinos, producing fine wool and prime lambs.

2. Grapes 

Export sales of Aussie Thompson seedless grapes were falling until a joint re-branding saved the day.  South Koreans were hesitant to choose our grapes given their unique golden green colour.  Thompson seedless grapes were rebranded to “Tams Gold” – a combination of Korean word “tams-rubda” (meaning nice, ripe and delicious-looking) and the English word “gold”. Under Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement (KAFTA), the import duty on Australian grapes has been reduced from 45% down to 6% this year, and will be eliminated by next year.

3. Eggs 

With the avian flu taking out millions of hens across Asia, Queensland’s egg farmers have seen a sharp rise in exports of eggs, especially to Taiwan.  With eggs playing such an important role in the Taiwanese diet, Austrade have confirmed that a shipment of more than 21,000 Australian eggs were sold across 19 premium JASONS Market Place supermarkets in Taiwan.

“With growing avian influenza detections recorded in Taiwan, the demand for poultry eggs and egg products from overseas has increased, creating opportunities for Australian exporters given our reputation for producing high-quality and safe produce,” Austrade senior trade commissioner for Taiwan, Ms Chui, said.

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