Brown Marmorated Stink Bug 2017-2018 Update

There has been an extension of treatment window for some break bulk cargo ex Italy.

As with past seasons, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources implemented additional measures on 1 September 2017 to manage the seasonal risk of BMSB infestations in sea cargo arriving at Australian ports.

While the measures previously applied to at-risk goods from the United States, the spread of this pest has resulted in the measures being extended this season to similar goods from Italy.  This includes goods shipped from non-Italian European ports if manufactured or stored in Italy during the risk period.  New and used vehicles, vessels, machinery and large machinery parts are the primary at-risk goods.

The department has now extended the post BMSB treatment window for Italian break bulk goods treated before 1 December 2017 from 96 hours to 120 hours where the goods are shipped through the Belgium Port of Zeebrugge.  The lack of reported BMSB populations in Belgium reduces the risk of post treatment contamination from a local source around the port, however, the residual risk must still be managed by segregating treated and untreated goods prior to shipment.  The extension to 120 hours also assists in aligning Australia’s and New Zealand’s requirements for this type of cargo.

The department would consider similar arrangements for goods shipped from other non-Italian European ports, where the BMSB risk at that port is low and similar segregation arrangements are or can be put in place.

As BMSB is present in higher levels in many areas of the United States, the 96 hour window will remain for US at-risk goods although this may be reviewed in the future.

The post treatment window for break bulk ceases after 1 December as the goods are unlikely to become re‑infested.  There is no similar window for containerised goods that are sealed in the container immediately after treatment.

For further information on Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs head here.

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