Brown Marmorated Stink Bug 2017-2018 Update

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources have provided us with another update on this season of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug:

This notice is of interest to importers associated with the importation of containerised Italian goods during the BMSB risk season (1 September 2017 to 30 April 2018 inclusive).

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has implemented additional measures every year since 2014 to manage the seasonal risk of BMSB infestations in sea cargo arriving at Australian ports.

While the measures previously applied to at-risk goods from the United States, the spread of this pest has resulted in the measures being extended this season to similar goods from Italy, and other European ports if the goods were manufactured or stored in Italy during the risk period.

Currently, new and used vehicles, vessels, machinery and large machinery parts are the primary target goods.

The department has recently found significant numbers of BMSB on arrival in Australia in non-target containerised goods arriving from Italy.

These detections indicate that the BMSB are sheltering in a range of containers and goods outside of those captured by the current mandatory measures.

To manage the risk posed by these items, the department will be:

  • inspecting a broader range of goods arriving in Australia from Italy not currently being captured, and
  • increasing the total amount of inspections of goods arriving in Australia from Italy.

Importers shipping consignments to Australia during the BMSB risk season should ensure their stakeholders are aware of the risk of BMSB infestation and the importance of preventing infestation prior to shipping, while also advising operators to stay vigilant for the presence of these insects when unpacking goods on arrival.

When deconsolidating goods, care should be taken to inspect locations where BMSB may congregate, including crevices or protected areas of shipping containers, inside the goods, or within packaging material for these goods.  If the insects are detected operators and staff should follow normal procedures to secure the goods to limit any movement of the insects and notify the department immediately of the detection.

If you see something that could have entered Australia with imported goods report it to See. Secure. Report. on 1800 798 636 or complete the online form.