Brisbane Weighbridge fee being challenged

On the 7th July, EES advised of the new AUD5.10 fee that was being introduced in Brisbane by terminal operator, DP World.  This fee has commenced after the installation of the new Weigh in Motion weighbridge (to become compliant with the new Chain of Responsibility laws).

Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA), who represent a cross-section of international freight logistics companies, have challenged this fee and have taken it to the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) with the argument that this fee should be absorbed by the terminal operators client (the shipping lines) not by transport companies / consignees. Whilst the shipping lines would enviably pass these costs on, rates and terms could be negotiated between the two parties.

The weighbridges have also been introduced at Sydney Ports, with the NSW governments blocking the introduction of identical fees by both Patricks and DP World.

We look forward to providing you with the reply from the ACCC via Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA).