Breaches for NSW Chain of Responsibility

EES Shipping and our Managing Director, Geoff Hack, have been at the forefront of the commencement of the Chain of Responsibility(CoR) legislation that will be introduced in Western Australia shortly.

We have been ensuring that consignee’s (owners of the goods) and consignors (shipper/supplier of the goods), our staff, as well as our agents, are fully aware of these new rules and the ramifications of not adhering to these regulations.

Across in New South Wales, the Chain of Responsibility ruling has been in place for many years.

Recently Roads & Maritime have issued a table showing the number of charges laid  for breaches of the law since 2005.

The above graph shows that across the board, every one in the logistics chain is responsible and can be fined accordingly.  All parties, which include packer, loader, employee , loading managers, unloaders and prime movers (as well as the above) must ensure that positive steps and taken to prevent a breach of the Road Transport Law.

Whilst the Chain of Responsibility has been pushed back a few months here in Western Australia, EES Shipping have ensured that all procedures in place to ensure that we comply with the new rules.

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