Brazen container robbery

A mystery is unfolding in Canada with audacious criminals using a stolen Freightliner truck to remove a twenty foot container from the port of Montreal.

The truck was taken from the west end of the island and then used to transport the container from the wharf.  The container was full of 16 tonnes of silver, approx AUD11 million worth.

News websites have described the container as “grey and approximately 20-feet long, has the letters “MAERSK” inscribed on its side”. A fantastic description for this twenty foot Maersk container.

It’s good news for the missing trailer and truck, with both being located in Repentigny, Quebec. The millions of dollars worth of silver, however, remains missing.

Police are continuing to search for the perpetrators that have committed this ballsy crime.

Let’s hope that the container was de-hired in time!



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