Biosecurity Import Levy – deferred implementation

We have received confirmation via Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA)  that the 1 September 2019 implementation for the Biosecurity Import Levy is unachievable –  of ongoing concern is that the revised implementation timeframe, quantum and collection mechanism(s) remain unknown.

There has been much debate over this new fee with leading industry groups questioning government.

Since 1996/97, our border and biosecurity agencies have been extremely efficient at collecting taxes, levies and import processing charges via the entry / Full Import Declaration – why on earth the government would even consider a deviation from this collection mechanism is staggering.
A disastrous result for importers would be to wear the cascading costs of administrative fees through the supply chain should the government revert back to its original models (or a hybrid model collecting some revenue from the FID) by collecting the Biosecurity Import Levy from stevedores and / or shipping lines.
This entire management of the levy over the last 16 months has been an example of deplorable public administration – stay tuned for the next chapter in this ongoing saga.

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Article source – FTA