BIG Thinking at EES Shipping

EES are excited to announce a project that has been in the making for a few months now.

In conjunction with Maersk Line, EES Shipping will be building the Lego version of the Worlds Largest Vessel, the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller.  This vessel is the first of the “Triple-E series” container ships that were built in Korea. Its maiden voyage was taken in July of 2013.

Whilst the real vessel is 400 metres long, 59 metres wide and 73 metres high, the Lego version completed is measures over 21cm high, 65cm long and 9cmwide (mounted on stand). The Lego designers have completed an amazing task with this model, with all tiny details being re-created in just over 1500 bricks.

Rare colours have been included in this model – medium azur, dark red, sand blue and sand green.

There are also tiny containers that you can load and unload from the vessel (the actual vessel can hold a jaw dropping 18,000 TEU (twenty foot equivalent unit).

We plan on building this amazing model over the next month and ask that you stay tuned for regular photos and updates, fun facts surrounding the Maersk McKinney Moller and its construction and competitions as the staff and visitors attempt this mammoth task.

We thank Maersk for giving us this opportunity and hope we can do you proud in its construction.

Here’s a few photos to keep you entertained in the meanwhile:

Glenn Hack (right), EES Shipping Director / Special Projects Manager eager to hold the World’s Largest Ship in his two hands.  On the left is Andrew Clarke from Maersk Line.

Glenn Hack and Amanda Bradfield nutting out the fine details of the build.

The completed design space … We’re excited!!