Big Little Vessels

We often talk about big container ships coming into Fremantle, like Archimidis (318m long, 43m wide, 90,000grt), but the two ships with the highest throughput of TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units/standard container) in Fremantle are our smallest regular visiting container vessels: Margaret River Bridge and Swan River Bridge.

For the past nine years, they have arrived on alternating weeks from Singapore, amassing a mighty 1.31 million TEU (twenty foot equivalent unit) throughput between them. This financial year, they are ranked No.1 & 2 for highest throughput of TEU into Fremantle with their year-to-date throughput 79,072 TEU. In the photo above, Margaret River Bridge (172m long, 28m wide and 17,211grt) looks very small next to Christa Schulte at North Quay but Margaret River Bridge and Swan River Bridge are the little ships that can!

Source and image credit: Fremantle Ports