Beetles Beware

The Department of Agriculture refers to them as exotic pests.  Their Entomologists have confirmed that they are Asian longhorn beetle, the brown mulberry longhorn beetle and the Japanese Sawyer Beetle.

These insects have been found in timber pallets that arrived into Australia loaded in 337 containers.  With the ability to cause serious damage to our forest industry, horticultural industry, natural environment and gardens, the Department of Agriculture have stamped on this infestation quickly.

These three beetles can cause a world of destruction.

All of these containers arrived into the country with the correct relevant supporting documentation, the pallets even sported the correct ISPM 15 HT stamps.

With all 337 containers being traced, all but a very small amount of pallets, located in Adelaide, have been ordered into fumigation.

With the immediate threat being managed, the next step in this process is to request that all importers check their timber packaging from any imports from China for signs of insect damage or ineffective treatment.

Managing Australia’s robust biosecurity system is a shared responsibility.

If you have any suspicions regarding pallets at your premises, please arrange to contact the Department of Agriculture on 1800 195.

Source credit: & the CBFCA