Australia Terminal Update

Recently the Container Logistics Industry have faced challenges by various factors.

These include extreme weather events, port and landside congestion and vessel schedule alterations.

In addition to the above, this challenge will be further exacerbated due to the planned protected industrial action announced at DP World’s terminals across Australia from next week.

Please find below further information on the key challenges:

Weather / Port Congestion / Vessel Schedule Changes:

Weather related events, and the impact on container vessel “bunching” in various Australian container ports, has led to numerous vessel schedule changes.  In turn, these changes put added strain on the landside container logistics task due to volume surges and shortened logistics planning timeframes.

Empty Container Park Delays:

Truck queuing delays are being experienced at several empty container parks in different Australian ports.  These delays are more frequent when the capacity of the park doesn’t match the volume being directed to it by shipping lines (for import de-hires or export pick-ups), particularly at peak times.
When these delays occur, transport operators and their import / export clients often seek permission from shipping lines for alternative de-hire or pick up locations.  The delays are heightened unfortunately when such requests are denied, as some shipping lines have a strict “one park” policy.

DP World Australia – Planned Protected Industrial Action: 

DP World Australia has announced that the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) has advised of its intention to restart Protected Industrial Action at its four terminals in Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Fremantle).  According to DP World, the Industrial Action will include “work stoppages, limited various bans on employees working in tasks above their normal grade, overtime, shift extensions, accepting late call-ins, and ceasing advanced or delayed start times.”
The reality will likely be longer truck turnaround times and truck congestion at DP World terminals during the industrial actions.
EES Shipping will monitor the situation closely and provide you further information when it comes to hand.

Your support and patience during this period will be highly appreciated.

On behalf of the management team we thank you for your understanding.