Australia considers India Free Trade Agreement

This week is all about Free Trade Agreements.  On Monday, we bought you news on the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement.

Tony Abbott has been busy at the beginning of this month on a two day trip to India, and it appears that this country is next on the Australia Free Trade Agreement to-do-list.

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The Prime Minister says Australia will consider negotiating a free trade agreement with India once it has finalised a trade deal with China.

Tony Abbott is visiting Mumbai and New Delhi during a two-day trip to India, his first since being elected.

He said he wanted to see economic ties between the two nations strengthened and a free trade deal could assist that.

“So, we are serious about free trade. At the moment, our priority is the free trade agreement with China, but there is an abundance of potential in the economic relationship between Australia and India,” he said.

“Once the China agreement is finalised – should that be finalised – obviously, we’ll be turning our attention to this one.

“This is already an important economic relationship. I want it to be far more important in the years and decades to come.

“We haven’t invested enough time and effort in this particular relationship when it comes to trade and investment.”

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