Aussie Exports and the ChAFTA

We’ve spoken about how the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) has assisted Australian importers with such bonuses as reduced or eliminated duty rates, but how about Aussie Exporters?

Since the introduction of the ChAFTA on the 20th December 2015, Australian Exporters have begun to reap the benefits of preferential tariff treatments.

Thanks to ChAFTA, products such as Australian wine is now 20% cheaper in the Chinese market.  Prior to the 20th December 2015, goat soap that was exported from Australia to China intially had a 10% tariff, it has now been cut to 4% and in 2019 it will reach 0%.

ChAFTA has delivered three rounds of tariff cuts since December 2015 giving Australian Exports a competitive advantage.

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Source: AusGovFTA