Asbestos sampling programme

The Australian Border Force (ABF) have recently issued another fact sheet in relation to Asbestos.

Managing the risk of asbestos at the border is a top priority to the ABF.

The ABF has implemented a sampling programme to complement the existing target and intervention approach.

Mandatory asbestos testing will occur for imported goods captured as part of the sampling programme, with testing and related costs incurred by the importers to be reimbursed by the ABF.

The fact sheet covers the following subjects:

  • What to do if your consignment is included in the asbestos sampling programme.
  • The ABF will reimburse reasonable costs associated with testing goods as part of the sampling programme.
  • The reimbursement process
  • Exceptions

Find copies of the fact sheet issue by the ABF here – asbestos-sampling-programme and asbestos-sampling-programme1.