Angry birds seized

If you thought that the Customs Departments around the world just searched shipments looking for drugs and illicit tobacco, you are wrong.  This is a common misconception – but the reality is that Customs Departments worldwide are there to keep you, and your children, safe.

It was in Ealing (United Kingdom) where more than 47,000 counterfeit and potentially unsafe products were removed from shipping containers recently.

These fake goods, which included hoverboards and Premier League merchandise were removed from a total of 53 shipping containers. Illegal cigarettes, tobacco and fake mobile phone accessories were also found.

The haul did not stop there with potentially unsafe Disney and Angry Bird toys also being taken.

Ealing borough police’s inspector Graham Dunn said: “The Better Business Compliance initiative has provided many opportunities to reduce crime, improve community safety and stop illegal activity. Ealing police are committed to continue working with partners to drive down crime, share intelligence and tackle these issues effectively. This particular operation has demonstrated the excellent results which can be achieved where partners work together and pool expertise.”

All goods have been seized and will be examined further.