Airfreight methamphetamine seizure

The team at Australian Customs and Border Protection Services (ACBPS) not only profile seafreight shipments into Australia, but they also keep a close on the airfreight arrivals.

Back on the 26 July, ACBPS intercepted a shipment that originated from Dubai into Melbourne.  The shipment was manifested as a large metal drill shaft.  The standard x-ray was carried out at the Melbourne Container Examination Facility, with the images taken revealing abnormalities.

The ACBPS officers drilled into the shaft – a white crystalline substance was revealed.  The material tested positive for – that’s right – methamphetamine. The total weight of the seizure was five kilograms.

The matter was then referred to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) who arranged for a controlled delivery to a Melbourne address to be carried out.  The shipment was accepted by a 35 year old Glenroy woman.

Three arrest warrants were carried out, with the 35 year old woman, and a 39 year old Glenroy man (whom the consignment was addressed to) were arrested.

AFP Manager Crime Operations Jennifer Hurst said Australian authorities will continue to combat the movement of illicit drugs into Australia.

“This seizure should send a strong warning to criminals that no matter the method of drug concealment, the AFP will continue to disrupt and catch those responsible,” Commander Hurst said.

Both people have faced court and have been charged with attempting to possess a commercial quantity of a controlled drug, namely methamphetamine.

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