Air cargo prohibition modifications

Finally some good news this month on the prohibition of air cargo arriving into Australia from Bangladesh.  Put in place on the 17th December 2015, modifications have now been made on the instrument that can be seen below:

The Australian Government has modified the restrictions placed on air cargo originating from or transiting through Bangladesh.

The restrictions placed on Syria, Egypt, Yemen and Somalia are still in force and have not changed.

Under the new arrangements air cargo that has originated from, or transited through, Bangladesh will be prohibited; unless it has undergone an appropriate security examination at an approved last port of call before travelling to Australia or is otherwise exempt from examination under Australian regulations.

  • The approved examination methods are: X-ray; explosive trace detection; or physical examination.
  • The approved last ports of call are: Dubai; Abu Dhabi; Doha; Singapore; Kuala Lumpur; Bangkok; Hong Kong; or Guangzhou.
  • The exempt items are: mail items under 500 grams; cargo under 250 grams and shorter than 5 mm; live animals; human remains; biological tissues; legitimately prepared dangerous goods; Commonwealth Government articles; and diplomatic bags.

The new arrangements will take effect from 11 May 2016. The restrictions were originally introduced in December 2015.

Failure to comply with the instruments

Non-compliance with the instrument [or restrictions set out in the instruments] is an offence of strict liability under the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004.

Review of the prohibition

The Australian Government, through the Office of Transport Security, will continue to monitor aviation security developments, in cooperation with our international partners. OTS will provide advice to the Government on adjustments to our air cargo security measures as necessary.

Head to the Department of Infrastructures website for further information.

Source credit: CBFCA and the Department of Infastructure