Air Cargo Prohibition – Electromechanical devices – Turkey

Please note that this restriction remains in force.

The Australian Government has placed a restriction on the carriage of air cargo from Turkey.
The restriction will prohibit airlines from bringing into Australian Territory any electromechanical device that weighs over one kilogram that has originated in, or transited through, Turkey.
An electromechanical device for the purpose of the prohibition includes any good that incorporates an electric motor. This could include a whole device or separate components shipped together that, when assembled, constitute an electromechanical device. For example, manufactured goods that incorporate an electric motor in their construction, such as an electric powered sewing machine, would be considered to be an electromechanical device.
The restriction is being implemented through a prohibition instrument made by the Hon Darren Chester MP, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, under Section 65B(2)(b) of the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004.
The instrument came into force on Thursday 26 October 2017, and will remain in-force until an instrument of revocation is registered.
Aircraft operators will not be required to revise their Transport Security Programs (TSP) to give effect to this instrument; however, they are encouraged to consider the current measures in their TSPs and be satisfied those measures are adequate to respond to any changes in the security environment.
Please note that the restriction is a preventive security measure, based on the Government’s understanding of the threat and risk environment in these countries. There is no information to suggest that there is any specific threat for flights to or from Australia.
The restriction is commensurate with measures already imposed by like-minded regulators internationally.
Failure to comply with the prohibition
Non-compliance with the prohibition instrument is an offence of strict liability under the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004.
What happens to electromechanical goods from Turkey that are already in the system on 26 October 2017? 
The Department requires aircraft operators to take all reasonable steps to ensure that these goods are not carried. Measures to implement this restriction should be put in place as soon as possible.
The Department will conduct desktop audits to assess compliance with the instrument from 1 November 2017.   
Review of the prohibition
The Australian Government, through the Office of Transport Security (OTS), will continue to monitor aviation security developments, in cooperation with our international partners. OTS will provide advice to the Government on adjustments to Australia’s air cargo security arrangements as necessary.
All enquiries related to the restriction should be directed to
The Departmental website has been updated with further details about the restriction and is available at


Source: FTA