Air cargo hot commodities

Perishables are beginning to be the hottest commodity moved via air freight.  The high tech industry demands have begun to tail off, Seabury Group vice president Marco Bloemen advises.

Laptops moving via air cargo have dropped by more than 100,000 tonnes in one year according to London’s Air Cargo News.  That’s a lot of laptops!

Mr Bloemen advises  “From 2000 high tech was a key driver for the air cargo growth rate,” he said. “But over the last couple of years high tech has not been growing at the same high rate as previously, so there must be something else. This year, we see a major decline for high tech of 176,000 tonnes year to date and that is primarily caused by laptops that are not travelling by air, or not travelling at all.”

It is believed that the decline in the number of laptops being airfreight was more so due to the amount of people purchasing them, not necessarily due to a switch to sea freight.

Mr Bloemen said  “In contrast, the key driver for air cargo growth is perishables, which is up by 140,000 tonnes in 2016 compared with last year’s perishables will be the commodities that cater for air freight growth in the years ahead, be it fish, flowers or fruit.”