After hours access is the key

Facilities within the Fremantle Port precinct are continuously reviewing opening hours as we move towards 24/7 operations to handle increasing trade volumes.

Container terminals have been operating after hours for a while now.

Last year, Qube Central, the largest empty container park in the port precinct, extended its closing time to 10pm during the week. A number of container parks and the container terminals also operate on Saturdays.

New sites being developed at Rous Head will also all have extended hours of operation.

As an importer you may not have staff working after hours but you should consider providing your transport operator with after-hours access.

Many transport operators note the efficiencies that can be gained through after-hours movements, resulting from reduced truck turn times (with facilities generally less busy after hours) and the reduced competition for getting slots or notifications.

Benefits associated with after-hours container delivery or pick-up of containers, include:

  • reduced cost to the importer as staging may not be required and reduced risk of delays at container terminals (and associated costs)
  • the opportunity for a container to be delivered a day earlier, increasing the chance of being able to unpack and dehire the container in the free time (reduced risk of container detention and associated costs)
  • guaranteed delivery time
  • reduced cost of personnel as staff may not be required to wait around for a container to be delivered; it can be available at the start of business after evening/night delivery has occurred.

After-hours pick up or delivery of containers can be achieved through providing keys or access codes to your transport operators so that your staff are not required to be in attendance when receiving containers.

Speak to your transport operator about how it could work for you.


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