Adelaide gains two new cranes

Two new cranes have been installed at the Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal in the hope that it will increase the reach and competitiveness of South Australia’s export business.


^ Flinders Port Holdings CEO Vincent Tremaine

The $24 million cranes purchased by Flinders Port will increase the load time of ships and it is hoped that the need to transport cargo to Adelaide via Melbourne and other ports is reduced. (The usual route to Adelaide is via the busy port of Melbourne, then rail to Adelaide).

The Liebherr cranes are 65m high and when raised can stretch to 105m.  They weigh in at 950 tonnes each.  A fantastic fast paced time lapse video has been made of the cranes construction, which commenced in February.

Each crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 80 tonnes and can lift multiple containers simultaneously.

Flinders Port Holdings chief executive Vincent Tremaine advised “Our aim is to ensure that Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal offers South Australia a world class service now and into the long-term. These cranes represent the continuation of a development program aimed to serve the needs of South Australia’s importers and exporters for the next 40 years.

“We are doing the preliminary work now that will see our capacity lifted to 2.5 million containers per year – six times the current volume,” he said.

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