A housing revitalisation

It started out as a vision by Sean Krieger.  A dream home made of one the world’s most reusable building products, shipping containers.  The 24-year-old mastermind from Kansas, USA, has no experience in real estate.  We can’t believe what a fantastic job he has done on this house.

It started out with four forty-foot containers, slightly modified with the doors being removed and windows / doors being cut into the steel.

A frame was added to attach the front facade.

How amazing does this house look already?

The inside of this house looks as good as any with the walls left to show the corrugated steel walls of a shipping container.

The bathroom is spacious and well-finished.

The end result?  A light and airy,  gorgeous two story home! Sean Krieger certainly nailed it!  Would you like to live here?

Sean’s goal is to get a full, low-income, housing revitalization going. We think he’s in it for the long haul.

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