2020-21 BMSB season – two months in!

We are now two months into this BMSB season.

The number of detections of BMSB are increasing as we head into some of the busiest months for imports and riskiest months for BMSB establishment.

The department has 20 detections of BMSB so far this season. There have been 17 detections of dead BMSB across the sea cargo and vessels pathways. There have been 3 detections of live BMSB in air cargo.

It is not unusual to see small numbers of detections of BMSB on air cargo early in the season. In the 2019-20 BMSB season we had three detections of live BMSB on air cargo. Early in the season, BMSB are on the move as the temperatures are cooling in the northern hemisphere, searching for places to overwinter, and may be easily swept up into consignments destined for arrival by air.

Overall, it is a timely reminder of the hitchhiking nature of BMSB and for industry to keep a vigilant eye out for unusual pests on imported goods arriving via air and/or sea.

During an unpack of containers or goods, if you or your clients detect live insects of any nature please report your detections through our See, Secure, Report channels via www.agriculture.gov.au/report or on 1800 798 636

Mixed Goods Consignments

Containers which are packed with a mix of target high risk, target risk and non-target goods, will be assessed for BMSB at the highest risk level.
Containers that are packed containing target high risk goods will require mandatory treatment for BMSB. Deconsolidation or removal of goods will not be permitted prior to the treatment in Australia.
The department often sees containers that are packed with target risk or non-target goods having promotional or gifts packed in from suppliers in the lead up to the festive season. These goods are often tariffed as target high risk goods and render the container subject to BMSB measures.
Please ensure if suppliers are placing these goods in the container, they are made aware of the requirements for BMSB and goods are treated accordingly prior to be packed in containers.
Containers that arrive with untreated target high risk goods will be directed for treatment onshore, and where this treatment cannot be conducted at the container level, the whole container will be directed for export.
Further information can be found on the Departments BMSB webpage – Preparing to import goods.

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