Portable housing and EES

A few weeks ago we introduced you to the wonderful world of pop-up container hotels.  Born from shipping containers, a smart and innovative way to holiday has been created by the team at Snooze Box.

EES handle airfreight and seafreight shipments, both export and import.  We can also handle shipments that don’t actually arrive into Australia (maybe you are buying from China and the seller is located in the U.S. – we can ship these directly from one country to another for you).  We are also well equipped to handle Special Project shipments.  These are shipments that require us to “think outside the box” for the best solutions for our clientele.


A little while ago we arranged a special project movement for one of our top clients.  The instructions received were to move portable housing units from China to Fremantle.  These units were to be used at mine sites for dongas (a makeshift or temporary dwelling; latterly a transportable building with single rooms, often used on remote work sites or as low-cost tourist accommodation).

These dongas were huge.  They were long and wide and on wheels.  They were certainly not able to fit inside any 20’ or 40’ container.

Firstly, one of our staff members travelled to Xinsha, China to sight these pieces. Part of our Special Projects team is a personalised service.

The dollies used to transport these units were placed on a flatbed truck. These dollies whilst being cleared by Australian Department of Infastructure and Regional Development were not actually permitted to move on China Roads.

The dollies were unloaded at Xinsha Port at night.

The trailers arrived at the port during the day.

EES arranged for a specialised vessel to move both the dollies and the dongas directly to Fremantle.

Once the cargo arrived safely into Fremantle they were then transported from Fremantle port to Osborne Park to the consignee’s yard without any problems.


So if you are a FIFO worker, and you’re looking around your “home away from home” you now know how your donga was shipped from China to Australia!


Do you have some large, unusual cargo that you need shipped?  Contact our dedicated Special Projects Team today.