CTAA Fremantle Supply Chain Awareness Workshop 2023

Wrapping up the CTAA Fremantle Supply Chain Awareness Workshop 2023

The CTAA Fremantle Supply Chain Awareness Workshop 2023 was a successful event that brought together people from a multitude of industries.

It highlighted key insights and challenges in the supply chain while providing solutions. The workshop was an absolute eye-opener.  The first half of the day was spent  in the classroom where presenter Neil Chambers stepped us through the supply chain.

The workshop covered several topics, including supply chain management, logistics, transportation, and technology. This allowed for us all to have a better understanding of how the industry works and what we can do to improve our operations.

It was then time for the port tour. We visited ACFS / Tyne ECP – David Anderson joined us aboard the bus to talk about the day to day running of an empty container park.  We also witness all equipment in use:


From there we moved to Stevenson Logistics.  Matthew Mews boarded the bus and talked us through how they handle fumigation, quarantine inspections and unpacking of containers:

Next stop was the rail terminal – we just missed two trains being loaded, which was a shame.

Adam Lebihan from Intermodal Group talked us to more about the benefit of rail and keeping containers off the road.

Our last and final stop was a drive through Patricks Terminal – Peter Chesi. From the Patricks yard we could see into their neighbours (DP World):


Peter Chesi spoke to us about the unloading of vessels, space constraints which  have recently been rectified and equipment upgrades.  We were lucky enough to witness a vessel being unloaded also.  We were up close and personal.


The key takeaway from these presentations and discussions was the importance of adapting to the changing business environment. Sustaining supply chain operations in the face of a global pandemic requires a resilient supply chain network. The experts identified various supply chain challenges and solutions, including the need for increased automation and the use of technology to enhance visibility and collaboration. They emphasised the importance of companies mitigating risks by having contingency plans in place. The presenters also advised companies to explore different modes of transport and logistics to optimise their supply chains. Overall, the experts’ insights shed light on the importance of enhancing the resilience and agility of supply chains to stay competitive in a rapidly changing business environment.

It’s important to take a moment to express gratitude towards Neil Chambers, what hardworking hosts and tour presenters. Without them, this enriching experience would not have been possible. Their dedication towards promoting supply chain awareness is commendable, and we appreciate the time and effort they put into making this workshop a success. It is people like these who make a positive impact on the industry, and we’re grateful for their contributions. Thank you for everything!