About EES Shipping

EES Shipping Pty Ltd, one of Australia’s major international freight forwarders, plays an extensive role in the promotion and development of overseas markets for Australian manufacturers and suppliers.

EES Shipping’s knowledge and understanding of the requirements of overseas markets enables us to offer a highly personalised service to all our clients.

Constant growth built in with personalised service has gained confidence with local customs agents, freight forwarders, international removalists, manufacturers and government departments which has enabled EES to expand to servicing more countries with frequent sailings with minimal transit times at competitive freight costs.

Please browse our website for information regarding how we can assist you in your logistical and supply chain endeavour.

In 2016 EES Shipping celebrated 30 years providing logistical services worldwide.


In 1986, Geoffrey B Hack opened EES Shipping Pty Ltd for business in Fremantle, Western Australia. Geoffrey is still Managing Director of this Western Australian owned family business today.

Geoff Hack
Managing Director
Over 45 years experience in International Forwarding within Australia, United Kingdom & Asia region. Geoff’s primary role is to oversee company objectives and total logistics management for Air & Sea.

Helen Hack
Quality Director/ Accounts
Helen is our Quality Director and oversees our procedures. Helen ensures that EES Shipping Pty Ltd adheres to all quality management procedures and that we always provide optimal service.

Brian Hack
Director/General Manager
Brian has been with EES Shipping for over 20 years and brings with him a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of freight forwarding. With a keen eye for IT/technology, Brian has successfully progressed EES Shipping to the new age with strategic software and tracking systems.

Glenn Hack
A sales, marketing and management professional, Glenn has been with EES Shipping for over fifteen years. With a Bachelor of Commerce doubling in Management and Marketing, Glenn primarily looks to develop and expand EES Shipping operations and capabilities.

David Gibson
Customs Broker
With over 35 years’ experience in freight forwarding and customs, David is a registered customs broker and a member of the CBFCA. David professionally handles all aspects of customs procedures and stays up-to-date with tariff concessions and all regulations.

Amanda Bradfield
Business Support
Amanda is one of EES Shipping's longest serving team members having joined the company in 1996. With a solid understanding of all facets of freight forwarding and EES Shipping operations, Amanda assists in optimising output and ensuring high customer service levels.

EES Shipping Pty Ltd currently employs in excess of 25 experienced staff in the Cockburn office.