Exporters to the U.S.

Exporters to the U.S.

Known consignor EOI

The Australian Government is required to make significant changes to security measures for air cargo bound for the United States (US) from 1 July 2017. As part of these changes, a new category of industry participant — a known consignor (shipper)— will be introduced. Known consignors will implement approved security measures at their facilities to secure US-bound air cargo. The regulatory framework for the known consignor scheme is expected to be in place later this year.

Pending the introduction of regulatory changes, the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (the Department) is seeking expressions of interest from businesses that wish to become a known consignor. If you are interested, please complete this form.

If you are unsure if you should become a known consignor please review the known consignor fact sheet or register for updates on the known consignor scheme.

After completing the form, the Department will contact you regarding your expression of interest and what happens next.


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