Peak Season Checklist

Peak Season Checklist-0

Peak Season Checklist

With the peak season upon us, and the silly season closing in fast, we want to remind all importers of ways to avoid additional costs and time delays. We’ve made a checklist to make it simple for you.

  • Advise EES ASAP of your opening hours during the break along with any emergency contact details.
  • All customs documentation must be provided to us at least five days prior to vessel arrival.
  • Original bill of ladings / telex releases must be presented as early as possible.
  • Advise EES of empty containers immediately to allow the transport operator plenty of time to return the container.
  • Review your operating hours (possibly consider providing EES with gate keys for after hours easy access). This will increase flexibility with receival and empty collections
  • Taking note of demurrage commencement dates for your containers
  • Communicating with our office immediately on any foreseen problems
  • Understanding that the wharf opening times over Christmas / New Years period will affect your cargo

Following the above list will lessen your chances of delays and additional costs to your cargo.

If you have any further questions please contact Brian Hack or Glenn Hack.


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