EES AGM 2015

EES AGM 2015

This year’s AGM (Annual Grog-up and Munchies) was held at AMF Bowling in Cannington.

It was a night of strikes, splits, drinks and snacks, in no particular order!

There were winners, and of course losers (and one person may have slipped onto their bums…).

We’ll let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy!

^ Before the festivities kicked off, a group shot had to be taken! There was a  quick switch of photographers in the front row..

^ The staff were divided into four teams – each with funny names . We had Snakes on a lane, Quick release, Bowl movement and Livin’ on a Spare.

^ Everyone having a great time

^ Some of the awards that were handed out at the end of the night.

A big thank you to the Management and all staff for a wonderful night.


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