Typhoon Fitow Batters China

Typhoon Fitow Batters China-1

Typhoon Fitow Batters China

October 8, 2013 0 Comments

For the second time in two weeks China has once again been hit by a typhoon, packing more than 200 kilometer per hour winds.

Typhoon Fitow moved at a high speed into China’s east coast early Monday morning, impacting three million people and killing at least five. Four people remain missing.

Neighbouring the commercial hub of Shanghai, lies Zhejiang. Parts of this area saw nearly 29 centimeters of rain in 17 hours.

Chinese maritime authorities have issued red alerts, warning of storm tides and waves. Thousands of fishing boats have returned to the harbour to seek shelter.

It is unusual for a typhoon to come ashore in China’s south east during October.

EES Shipping will keep you updated if Typhoon Fitow effects your cargoes movements.

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