Truck Productivity Study Industry Forum – Summary

Truck Productivity Study Industry Forum – Summary

EES Shipping are valued members of the Western Australia Port Operations Taskforce.

Recently, an industry forum was held at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle, where over 60 industry members, representing Container Terminals, Empty Container Parks, system providers, transport operators, importers, exporters, and industry associations, participated in a discussion about key issues in the industry and actions to address these in the future.

Presentations were given by 1-Stop, ContainerChain, DP World, Patrick Terminal, QUBE, Tyne ACFS,CBFCA, WARTA, and Cristal Pigment (exporter) on the challenges they face and upcoming developments to improve efficiency. Fremantle Ports presented the outcomes from the Truck Productivity Study, including the Strategy and Action Program to be implemented.

Please find the summary of the TPS Industry Forum Brochure here.








TPS Industry Forum Brochure


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