Italian Treatment Providers Reinstated

Italian Treatment Providers Reinstated

We have received some updated news from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources:

Following compliance assessments undertaken by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (department) of previously suspended BMSB heat treatment providers in Italy, the department has reinstated Nuova Cianidrica Srl (AEI: IT4002SB), La Spezia Container Terminal (AEI: IT4013SB) and Radit Srl (AEI: IT4006SB) to conduct BMSB Heat Treatments only. Radit Srl will not be reinstated to conduct BMSB Sulfuryl Fluoride Treatments. A pathway forward for this will be determined at a later date.

 Please click here to read the full statement.

Please kindly contact our customs brokers Phil Gray (Customs Manager) or David Gibson for further clarification.


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