Hekima Day Care and Nursery School 2022 Update

Hekima Day Care and Nursery School 2022 Update


It’s been a few years since we have shared an update on the Hekima Day Care and Nursery School in Tanzania.

Shaun Hack, EES Sales and Financial Manager along with Helen Hack, EES CFO along with their families recently travelled to Africa for a holiday and to check in on the children and teachers.

Shown here is a delicious morning tea that was proudly paid for by our very own Sandra from the accounts team.  The children enjoyed bread with jam and sprinkles fairy bread), Tea, Vitumbua (local doughnuts), Lollies, Juice and also some presents.


There is now 40 kids here and all have been giving a chance at education because of everyone’s generosity at EES, ASANTE SANA!!!

There is now running water, play equipment and many plans for wonderful things in the future.

Now they have a start in life, they can go to local schools and further themselves when previously unable to.



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