Chinese New Year 2021

Chinese New Year 2021

Chinese New Year is a fantastic time of the year. It’s full of colour, excitement and tradition. It is the time to eat, celebrate, cleanse your house, exchange gifts and watch the fireworks.

But for the shipping industry it can be an extremely difficult time. With most suppliers, customs authorities and shipping lines closing for the holiday, now is the time to start getting prepared for Chinese New Year 2021.  Space on board vessels is already at a breaking point this year, not to mention the lack of 20’GP/40’GP and 40HC equipment.

This holiday falls on the 12th February and heralds in the Year of the Ox.

In order to ensure that you are prepared for this Chinese New Year, please take note of the following:

  • Any ordering from overseas suppliers should be done ASAP
  • Suppliers should be booking vessels with agents early to avoid disappointment
  • Ask suppliers to arrange their bookings with the agents / customs clearance before the holidays
  • If you have any shipments that are due to arrive into Australia during this holiday time, please make sure that you have all the correct documentation prior to your supplier going on break
  • Also ensure that you have your telex releases / original bills of lading prior to this time

Our agents will be providing us with their closing dates for Chinese New Year after the Christmas break.

Find out how Chinese New Year can affect you by heading here.


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